The Michelin Moto Lap Timer Application

Track your performance round the circuit!

MICHELIN Moto Lap Timer is the official application* of the MICHELIN Moto Challenge, developed with the creator of Harry's Lap Timer.


Michelin is right by your side whatever your level as a driver, and thanks to this application you can measure your ability against different circuit Challenges organised throughout Europe as well as your own personal circuit sessions.


The MICHELIN Moto Lap Timer is a precision tool which helps you improve your performance in training sessions and your positioning in different Challenges.


Strengths of the application:


• It allows you to time yourself during training and in any Challenges you participate in
• It also gives vital indicators to help you achieve your goals and to improve your performance
• You can share your biking experience and your ranking with friends
• You can measure your sporting level
• You can film your track performance and share it on social networks
• And finally, it affords you both an individual and a general ranking.
• Free to all participants in the MICHELIN Moto Challenge