Competition is part of our DNA and our philosophy


Over the past 100 years, Michelin is the only company to have developed so many winning technologies for competition. It's a genuine, prestigious history which illustrates the passion shared throughout the company.


« Michelin's strong commitment to motor sport necessitates the development of innovative technologies and competitive tires. Tire life, safety, energy efficiency and the notion of driving pleasure are all factors that are integral to the work of the Motorsport division. »

Pascal Couasnon, Director of MICHELIN Motorsport

Our track victories



12 Titles

FIM Superbike World Champion 1988 to 2003



28 Rider titles

FIM MotoGPTM World Champion from 1973 to 2017



396 Victories

FIM MotoGPTM World Champion from 1973 to 2017


Our off-road victories




Titles Outdoor Trials World Champion since 1981




Titles Indoor Trials World Champion since 2002





Titles Endurance World Champion since 2000





Titles Motocross World Champion since 2002





Victories in Dakar moto





The Dakar is the world's longest and most prestigious cross-country rally event


Enduro takes place in a natural environment around loops of about 80 km. This is one of the three main off-road motorcycle events along with Motocross and Trials.