Once again Michelin is launching the unique experience of Power Days in 2016 with no fewer than 19 days on legendary circuits, open to all bikers.

For these track days, MICHELIN offers a quality service by partnering with the prestigious BMC Moto flight school.


For all information and reservations visit www.bmc-moto.com.


Come and enjoy a unique MICHELIN experience lapping a circuit!

A full day of structured training on the track with a team of professionals on hand to advise you. There are 3 instructors present at each event who will be by your side for each lap and will run educational workshops.


Whatever bike you have, whatever your skill level, and even whatever tyres you have, MICHELIN Power Days are open to everyone.


How a MICHELIN Power Day is run:


• Sessions on the track alternating with educational workshops.
• A schedule developed for maximum time on the circuit, with longer sessions and a total of an hour and a half to 2 hours 20 on the bike per group.
• 3 level groups to choose from when registering: beginner, intermediate or expert for maximum enjoyment.
• 3 instructors, former professional bikers: 1 for each group that rides with you and runs the technical workshops so you progress quickly (position, trajectory etc.)
• Help and advice on tyres on all MICHELIN Power Days


Do you ride with MICHELIN? Get €100 discount and take part in a MICHELIN Power Day from just €29!

With MICHELIN Power Days, you can enjoy several different discounts (but they can not be combined):


• €100 discount on two MICHELIN tyres from the Circuit range (MICHELIN Power Rain, MICHELIN Power Cup Evo, MICHELIN Power Slick Evo and MICHELIN Power SuperSport Evo), not including tyres from the Ultimate range and on presentation of an invoice dated 2016. 2 tyres = 1 discount, 4 tyres = 2 discounts etc. with a limit of one per day.
• €20 discount if your bike has MICHELIN tyres, whatever the model, no invoice needed.
• €20 discount if you are a Ducatista on presentation of the bike's registration document in your name. Attention: For discounts relating to MICHELIN tyres, your bike must be fitted with MICHELIN. If this is not the case or if you can not present a bill (for the €100 discount only), you will be obliged to pay the full amount.


If you are registering online, please note that discounts are offered at the end of the order, just before entering your payment details.


These discounts are not valid with a hired bike.


Details of this offer can be found on www.bmc-moto.com