MICHELIN StarCross Days

What are MICHELIN StarCross Days?

These are track days for bikers of all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced) with bikes from 85cc to Open, whatever brand of tyre you use, and with an FFM licence. These days are organised by the Serge Guidetty rider school.


Top of the 'organised' training!

Come and test our Michelin Starcross Days, flexible training with track sessions organized in groups according to level for maximum security. You can also benefit from the advice and expertise of drivers such as Grégory Aranda, Sébastien Pourcel, Pela Renet or Yannis Irsuti, who will be there to accompany you on your sessions on the track.


Programme of the day

There are 6 sessions of 20 minutes on the track per group, making a total of 2 hours on your bike


Training option: with personalized advice during your sessions on the track


Technical advice during educational workshops on the following topics: riding a motorcycle, techniques, positions, paths, taking care of your bike, physical preparation ...


Simulation exercises

Each hour comprises 20 minutes of advice, followed by 20 minutes of application on the track finishing with 20 minutes of rest and bike maintenance.


Enjoy a free day if your bike is fitted with MICHELIN!

A day costs 40 euros, but is free to bikers with a set of tyres from the Michelin Starcross range*.


*Upon presentation of the motorcycle fitted with Michelin Starcross tyres and the bill for the purchase of Michelin tyres from a store in France in 2016.


For more information, visit http://www.sergeguidetty.com