The Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight, the ultimate Sportster

One of the most popular Harley-Davidsons in France

Harley Davidson Forty Eight


The ultimate Harley-Davidson Sportsters, the Forty-Eight is one of the Milwaukee manufacturer's best selling models in France. It's easy to see why: its main attraction is its handling.


With its straight frame and remarkable handling, this compact motorcycle can easily dodge its way inbetween cars and around obstacles. The road is its playground. Besides its undisputed qualities as a Sportster, the Forty-Eight makes the most of its captivating retro look, recently revitalised by the Dark Custom series.

Unrivalled retro good looks

The iconic Bar & Shield logo engraved on the fuel tank is the Forty-Eight's hallmark, the finishing touch on a totally Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The motorcycle's vintage side is underlined by the wing mirrors on its handlebars.


The motorcycle's adjustable suspension and leather seat guarantee total rider comfort for the whole trip. Everything that doesn't serve an essential purpose has been stripped away. Weighing in at 250 kilos and sporting a pared-down look, there's no doubt about the Forty-Eight's inspiration: it's a worthy heir to the 1950s bobber's throne.

A legendary motorcycle

In spite of its small size when compared to other Harley-Davidson models, the Forty-Eight has no reason to envy its bigger brothers when it comes to engine power. It's equipped with the legendary Harley-Davidson V-twin two-cylinder engine, with all 1200ccs and a powerful roar every time you hit the throttle.


The unmistakable sound of this engine is undoubtedly one of the keys to the Forty-Eight's success: a motorcycle that brings the Harley-Davidson dream within reach for an affordable price. Its instantly recognisable "potato potato" sound follows the rider along his journey on the Forty-Eight, for an experience of pure joy that you'll come back to again and again.

The return of Michelin's bias tyres

To ensure that the mischievous Forty-Eight has the best road-holding grip and handling available, the engineers at Michelin have developed the MICHELIN Scorcher 31. These tyres have a bias build to give the tyre carcass all the flexibility required for handling the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight.


The new rubber composites developed by Michelin make the tyres more hardwearing, so you can keep on riding in total safety. Their deeply sculpted tyre treads enable optimal water drainage and ensure a good grip on moist surfaces. Great attention has been paid to their design too, and the tyres' tread adds the finishing touch to the motorcycle's deeply vintage look.