The Harley-Davidson Street Glide

For touring in comfort

A charismatic touring bike that's a hit with hobbyists

Harley Davidson Street Glide


This is Harley-Davidson's best-selling motorcycle in the world. The reason for its success? A high-performing and comfortable model with plenty of Harley-Davidson soul. It has a bobber-inspired, pared-down, rebellious look and the practicality of a bagger.


Even with its characteristic low profile, the Street Glide is above all a touring bike, with unparalleled in-built comfort so you can keep on riding for miles.


A premium, high-performing Touring bike

It may weigh 370 kilos and be 2.75 metres long, but the Street Glide has great handling thanks to its low centre of gravity. As high-performing in the city as it is on the motorway, the Street Glide has bags of character and the formidable purr of its powerful Twin Cam 96 engine (1690cc) follows the rider wherever he goes.


The powerful two-cylinder engine enables the motorcyce to reach top speeds without any discomfort to the rider. At the front, its famous so-called 'Batwing' fairing provides perfect protection from the wind for great riding whatever the speed or weather.

A user-friendly, likeable bike

A true bagger, the low saddlebags of the Street Glide and the lack of a passenger backrest give this motorcycle its own unique style, close to the road and full of charisma. The watertight compartments protect the rider's belongings from any bad weather.


The laid-back driving position is enjoyable and means it takes longer for the rider to tire. The large headlight at the front, fitted with dual lamps that are very effective in the dark, gives the Street Glide its fantastic look. Its electronic accessories include a radio, GPS and built-in Mp3 player to make journeys more fun.


Enjoyable riding, a purring engine, optimal performance: a real gentle giant in the Harley-Davidson range.

The MICHELIN Scorcher 31 tyre: approved for your Street Glide

To suit the Street Glide's characteristics, Michelin chose a bias, diagonal-build tyre: the MICHELIN Scorcher 31. The flexibility of the tyre carcass is perfect for carrying the weight of the Street Glide along with any luggage and passengers.


The new rubber composites developed by Michelin make the tyres more hardwearing, so you can keep on riding in total safety. Their deeply sculpted tyre treads enable optimal water drainage and ensure a good grip on moist surfaces.