V-Rod Muscle, power personified

A formidable machine with phenomenal performance

Harley Davidson V-Rod


V-Rods are in a class of their own at Harley-Davidson. Their muscular look, remarkably slim exhaust line, large back wheel and an engine you could recognise a mile away (the Harley Davidson Revolution) all combine to create this unique character. A power cruiser with unparalleled performance and a carefully considered design to reflect the bike's power.

An exceptional motorcycle

For any Harley-Davidson fan, the Revolution engine is enough to make the V-rod a legend. Introduced for the first time in 2001, this motorcycle is the outcome of many years of development carried out in partnership with the car manufacturer Porsche.


With its 1250cc engine, 115 horsepower and a liquid-cooled engine, the Revolution is a powerful monster, roaring with every press on the accelerator. Its distinctive sound and extraordinary ability to accelerate set the V-rods apart at Harley-Davidson, inspiring passion in all who ride them.

The look of a dragster

The V-rod is not afraid to show where it came from: its muscle-bound speed-demon appearance comes directly from a dragster. The enormous 240mm tyre at the back is unmistakably an homage to the phenomenal acceleration of dragster race vehicles.


Its large chrome handlebars, lowered seat and aggressive style are also a nod to the dragster world. The sporty driving position doesn't spare the rider: there's a guaranteed shot of adrenaline with every acceleration.


The footrests are almost level with the steering column; you're sure to feel a few thrills from this masculine machine. A raging, powerful monster with muscles of steel.

Radial tyres for optimal performance

To get the best out of a speed demon like this, the engineers at Michelin had to push radial technology, which has been the company's spearhead since its invention in 1946, to its very limits.


That's how the MICHELIN Scorcher 11 was born and became the first radial tyre on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This tyre has sensational grip due to its optimised tread. Its rigid carcass is designed to cope with high speeds, up to 240 km/h. Destined for use on sporty motorcycles, it meets the needs of the V-rod models very nicely indeed.