Michelin ENDURO




To get to the top whatever the route!

Why choose MICHELIN Enduro tyres?

  • Grip


    More grip and better cushioning ensures an improved ability to tackle terrain (especially at low speed !) – this is thanks to the work done on both the tread block pattern and location, as well as the internal strcuture of the tyre.

  • Versatility

  • Longevity

We had all sorts of going : grassy, earthy, dusty and rocky. The MICHELIN Enduro tyre range works super well everywhere. It’s great to be able to ride with these tyres

Christophe CHARLIER, Husqvarna Rider

The Michelin tyre is one of the best, it’s in the top range. I’ve been using this tyre for several years now. I’m in love with the tyres, and you know, when you want the best traction, you need to have a Michelin tyre on

Jessica GARDINER, Yamaha Rider