A dual-compound system and exclusive lamellas which have stood the test of time

MICHELIN 2 Compound Technology (2CT)




MICHELIN 2 Compound Technology (2CT) is the culmination of many years of research.


The key is an optimal distribution of levels of rigidity and an exclusive dual-compound technology. At the centre of the tyre is the heart of 2CT technology and the emblem of its famed durability: the rigid tread. It makes acceleration and braking gentler, and cuts down on wear and tear.


So, you can push the performance of your motorcycle to the max. Tested on all road types and super-resistant, this compound is the guarantee of a unique longevity. It means unmatched riding comfort for a long time. The edges of the tyre are made from a softer compound which has exceptional grip on wet ground keeping you safe every moment of your drive.


It also helps you master corners perfectly with its outstanding grip. 2CT technology is available on Pilot Road 2, Pilot Road 3 and Power Pure SC Radial models.






MICHELIN X-Sipes Technology (XST+)



Thanks to its exclusive patented sipes, the MICHELIN XST + technology gives a tyre the durability to stand the test of time and the elements. The sipes are cut to the full depth available, guaranteeing the same performance from the first day to the last. These sipes are bevelled for better handling on difficult terrain, and to prevent uneven wear.


XST + technology is the benchmark for grip in the motorcycle world, especially in wet driving conditions when it really comes into its own. Braking ability has been significantly improved by the introduction of crossed sipes. These have been designed by our engineers to cut through the water's surface in front, giving you total control at every moment. Coupled with integrated reservoirs, they provide exceptional grip approved by experienced drivers. XST + technology is used in Pilot Road 4, Pilot Road 4 GT and 4 Pilot Road Trail tyres.