Technology at the cutting edge of exceptional grip

MICHELIN X-Sipe Technology (XST)

MICHELIN XST X-Sipe Technology is a distillation of cutting-edge innovation for great grip and enhanced safety. Our engineers have designed a revolutionary structure with sipes that cut across one another. Day in, day out, its patented design stands up to the test of the most difficult conditions. The powerful grip is shown off to its best advantage on wet, slippery surfaces. Two innovative technologies have been combined in order to achieve this exceptional result.


On one side, the front cross-band cuts through the water's surface. On the other, an integrated reservoir system controls and removes most of the flow. Another innovation for a grip that keeps its promises: the "full depth" sipes. Your motorcycle stays on the road for a long time, thanks to their regular wear. The tyres fitted with XST technology are the MICHELIN Pilot Road 3, Pilot 4, Pilot Road 4 GT and Pilot Road 4 Trail.


Pilot Road 4


MICHELIN Progressive Sipe Technology (PST)


MICHELIN PST Progressive Sipe Technology is the perfect fit for XST X-Sipe Technology, road and sports bikes. Our engineers have adapted the technology to the demands of driving powerful scooters of 125cc and more. In town, the precision and responsiveness of the grip should be the best. PST offers an exclusive, patented structure of cross sipes which literally cut through bodies of water giving exceptional grip at all times.


The angles of the "full depth" sipes increase gradually towards the edges of the shell which gives the tyre traction on the road. It has the most effective grip in its category on wet surfaces. And it is streets ahead of the competition on slippery surfaces. PST technology is used in the MICHELIN City Grip. This tyre is one of the best sellers on the market. It is fitted as standard on more than 40 models and is suitable for the majority of 125cc and over.







MICHELIN Near Slick Technology (NST)


The MICHELIN NST 'Near Slick Technology' is the revamped version of the iconic stick tyre. Direct from our research labs, the shell contains the codes with deep furrows less than 5%. From this starting point, our engineers have offered phenomenal performance, recognised by the drivers themselves. The result is a tyre which is ideally suited to both road and competition track; to sports bikes and trail bikes.


NST centres on its main strong point: maximum grip unmatched on the market. On some models of tyres, the surface contact area is increased by 52% for an optimised driving experience enhanced by a high-performance grip. This in turn ensures perfect angles of up to 60 ° when cornering, all with complete control and safety.


This fantastic technology is used in MICHELIN Power Cup EVO tyres, in the sports versions and the Anakee III trial biking versions.




MICHELIN Silica Rain Technology (SRT)


MICHELIN SRT Silica Rain Technology is an innovation in excellence and high performance. In exclusive collaboration with Harley-Davidson, our engineers have designed a compound mixture enriched with silica. This high-performance material provides exceptional grip on cold, moist and wet surfaces, making driving safer, and improving responsiveness and handling at every moment.


Time and kilometers will demonstrate its unique performance. A long drive is a breeze when your bike is comfortable and pleasant and you can drive with confidence in all circumstances. SRT technology has a built-in resistance which means even wear on your tyres, and a longer life. This advanced technology is available on the exclusive MICHELIN Scorcher 11 tyre for Harley-Davidson.