Puncture resistance

Innovative technology for a shell that remains intact

MICHELIN Overlap Technology (MOT)


MICHELIN Overlap Technology is an exclusive innovation to deal with punctures. Our engineers have developed a casing which is hyper-resistant to puncture. The unique structure is organised around four different layers. Inside, the first three are reinforced, while the outer layer, made of rubber, covers the tyre tread. This exceptional thickness means stress-free daily use, without the inconvenience of a flat tyre.


As a finishing touch, the inner rubber layer is designed to act as a complete seal, protecting the air chamber from abrasion and unexpected loss of pressure. Its well-known effectiveness has been the subject of several tests. 48 motorbikes and 400,000 kilometers were covered, and only four punctures were found - an unmatched record in any category! This advanced technology is available on the MICHELIN City PRO tyre range.