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Advanced technology for fierce competition

MICHELIN Synthetic Component Technology (SCT)


MICHELIN SCT - Synthetic Component Technology - is an exclusive innovation for the track. The world of motorcycle racing, the DNA of the Michelin philosophy, has been the open air laboratory in improving cutting edge technology. After many years of intensive research, this is a blend of compounds with impressive characteristics, which provide give the bike the best possible reactivity. This combination of performance and premium materials combines two components: the MICHELIN Racing Synthetic Elastomers (MRSE) and the MICHELIN High Tech Synthetic Compound (HTSC).


Technically, MRSE synthetic compounds are added to HTSC synthetic resins. On the track, your control is efficient and dynamic, thanks to an optimised motor rotation. Its development has given it an ultra fast system of recovery from cornering which is conrolled and forceful. This technology is available with power Slick Evo and Evo Power Cup tyres.