Innovative comfort and driving balance for all

MICHELIN Two Compound Technology+ (2CT+)



Developed from the earlier 2CT technology, MICHELIN Two Compound Technology (2CT +) is the latest generation on the market. Our engineers have focused on finding perfect stability giving the tyre an optimum level of stiffening. And there is no denying the result is impressive - your bike is much more stable especially when cornering when the 2CT + makes itself felt, especially during hard acceleration.


The dual-compound technology has also been updated. You have total control in the wet, thanks to outstanding grip - combining safety and control. The innovation is that there is a difference in the tyre's rigidity. There is a layer of hard rubber below the soft compound of the shoulder. This structure significantly improves stability. Tailored for sports, it is used with Michelin Pilot Power 3 and Power SuperSport tyres.


Example of the distribution of soft rubber and hard rubber on a MICHELIN Pilot Power 3 Back



Power Supersport EVO




MICHELIN Dual Angle Technology (2AT)

MICHELIN 2AT technology is a marriage of two structures emblematic of Michelin's expertise: the radial and the bias. This unique combination is designed specifically for the GT range. These powerful bikes, designed for long distance, take a punishing on the road. Heavy and fast, they need exceptional tyres. The radial structure means flexibility and great handling every step of the way. The bias structure provides the rigidity and strength needed to dirve safely.


2AT technology has a system of two layers. The first, inspired by the radial system is perpendicular to the road. It has supple edges for comfort and a tough central belt for safety, both of which meet the demands of a modern tyre. The second, narrower belt, is at an acute angle. This bias structure makes it unbeatable on the road. This high performance technology is used in Pilot Road 4 tyres.


MICHELIN Pilot Road 4


MICHELIN Adaptive Casing Technology (ACT)



MICHELIN ACT - Adaptive Casing Technology has been developed for motorcycle track and hypersport events. Our engineers have optimized the shell to avoid tilting. The loss of stability which occurs at high speed has a considerable effect on driving. The bike pitches from one side to the other and the wheel's trajectory is disturbed.


To help overcome this, ACT adjusts the rigidity of the rubber according to the angle of the camber. On the straight, the supple rubber on the top ensures high stability and when cornering, progressive rigidity on the shoulders comes into play. In order to gain perfect balance, the tread on the shell plies has the same orientation and different angles with a reduced gap.


So you can really push your bike to the max safely, the ACT technology alerts you when it reaches its limits by a slight vibration. It is used in the Power SuperSport Evo, Power Slick Evo and Evo Power Cup tyres.







MICHELIN Amplified Density Technology (ADT)


Ideally suited for the cruiser family of bikes, MICHELIN ADT - Amplified Density Technology - guarantees exceptional stability. These powerful road machines are demanding and their tyres need to be able to adapt. Our engineers have developed a high-density shell that combines strength and lightness. This technology relies on rigidity and guarantees excellent manoeuvrability.


Your safety is paramount. We help keep you in full control of your bike at every moment. With MICHELIN ADT the handling is impeccable, even in the rain. The tread has a unique assembly of compounds. The top layer uses a high-performance material: aramid fibre. Used in the aviation industry, it is tough yet ultra-light, and has a unique reactivity giving tremendous stability even at top speeds.


ACT is used in the Commander II tyres and, exclusively for Harley-Davidson, in the Scorcher 11 and Scorcher 31 tyres.





MICHELIN Maximized Contact Patch (MCP)

MICHELIN Maximized Contact Patch (MCP)

MICHELIN MCP was designed for competition. It offers an exclusive new shell that meets the demands of both cross and trial biking. On the most difficult terrain, stability is the key element in winning a race. By increasing the number of sipes, MCP technology gives the tyre maximum rigidity, and significantly increases surface contact.


In the Cross version, it ensures a better grip on hills in the worst conditions. In the Trial version, the tyre casing takes on all obstacles. Speed is improved because the front of the bike is more stable. This technology gives a super responsiveness on cornering and really sharp braking. Plus, an anti-tear compound increases the lifespan by as much as 25%.


Maximized Contact Patch is available with MICHELIN Trial Light / X-light Competition tyres, in a radial version for trial biking.