Riding in a group



Riding in a group has got to be one of the true joys of motorcycle journeys. You need to have a good understanding of the basic rules to make sure everyone in the group stays safe. Arranging yourselves in a staggered formation is one way of safely riding in a group. That way, the safe distance between bikes is double what it would be if you were riding in a convoy.


Another technique is for the convoy leader to wait for the last in the group before changing direction. In a convoy, a rider is always responsible for the rider directly behind him. The faster you go, the bigger the safety distance needs to be. Avoid riding too close to the edge of the road or too close to the white lines in the centre


At cruising speed, it shouldn't be possible to read the number plate of the driver in front of you. And when the group stops, it should always be in an area with enough room for the whole group to stop safely without blocking other road users.