Michelin POWER RS


    Roadster, Sports, Sports Tourer, SuperMoto, Trail

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Why choose MICHELIN POWER RS tyres ?

  • Excellent grip and a unique experience

    Excellent grip and a unique experience

    Its racing-bred compounds provide excellent grip and a unique experience for riders. The front tyre’s racing breeding optimises the steering force required to lean and gives accurate feedback through turns.

  • Enhanced stability

  • The market’s best grip

  • Outstanding tyre life

Pressure tips :
The new MICHELIN Power RS ​​is a sporty road tyre and, like all its ranges of motorcycle tyres, Michelin recommends that you follow your manufacturer's instructions for road use.
For those of you who would like occasionally to ride on track, we recommend a track pressure suitable for this type of use.
Recommended cold minimum track pressures : Front: 2.1 bar / 31 psi Rear: 1.9 bar / 28 psi

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